Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Insights Into Living the Brand

As a franchisor, it is important to live, breath, and love the brand you are managing and the concept you are offering because the only way to bring on new franchisees that feel that same passion, is to inspire them. As CEO of Oil & Vinegar, I feel particularly lucky to be representing and developing a brand that I feel a strong connection with.

In addition to being CEO, I am also the owner of the Bellevue Washington Oil & Vinegar shop and this gives me a leg up when I am approaching potential franchisees. I have the advantage of understanding what it takes to be successful and the type of franchisee who will succeed as a part of our team. Despite one of the worst economic climates facing our countries, I experienced success as a business owner. Some of the factors that went into my results, were drive, networking, and living the brand in all aspects of my life.

Each franchisee that enters our system must be prepared to work hard and stay driven in order to drive results. Putting in long hours and fully dedicating yourself to growing your business in your community is a mandatory commitment to ensure success.

Networking yourself and your business is one of the most crucial factors into driving consumers to your store and generating revenues. Franchisees starting their business in a market with little or no brand awareness need to make their brand recognizable to their local communities. Joining groups, clubs, and business organizations is a great way to connect with your community and get the needed support to grow within. As a franchisee myself, I have gone through a trial and error process and now I can tell my fellow franchisees what the best strategies are—employ the given system and strategies and results will follow.

Your life is the business. You need to be passionate about it in order to succeed—which will in turn inspire your employees and customers. Taking the time to speak with each customer that comes in and fully let them experience the Oil & Vinegar brand is what makes us stand out above competition. While speaking with consumers, showing passion is a must and this is what will spark your repeat customers that fall in love with the products, service and ultimately the brand, just as you did.

Becoming ingrained in the brand and the business model by starting from the ground level provides me with a high level of credibility with potential franchisees whom are considering joining the Oil & Vinegar family.

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