Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unique Experience and Concept Offers Opportunities for Growth

Despite claims that this is the worst economic climate since the Great Depression, there is still room for growth and opportunities for each and every business willing to make that extra effort to differentiate them self from competition. Consumers are still spending, companies are still growing, and franchisees are still investing in their own business.

we are expanding an International company, Oil & Vinegar, throughout the U.S., I am excited about growing a completely unique concept here in the states, one that will fill an untapped market. Oil & Vinegar is a gourmet, culinary retailer with ingredients and products from the four corners of the globe.

On top of a unique product offering, what really makes us stand out above competition is the personal, unique experience at our stores. When customers enter our stores we want them to feel like guests and fully experience our international culture and flavor. Our on-tap oil’s and vinegar’s are ready for sampling, with our employees’ expert advice, we invite consumers to mix different flavors together to create their perfect mixture combination. Also, our herb blends, appetizers, and sauces are showcased throughout the store for sampling so that when choosing cooking or gift products you can customize it to your preferences.

Prior to joining Oil & Vinegar, I worked at Nike International offices, where I found myself gravitating toward entrepreneur roles such as new positions, new regions for growing Nike’s markets, and new people. After leaving Nike, I finally fulfilled my entrepreneurship desire by becoming a franchisee for Oil & Vinegar, which has given me a wonderful chance to explore the brand and understand it enough to launch its growth here in the states.

Being a part of a one-of-a-kind concept fuels my passion to grow throughout the U.S. and bring a concept that has spread throughout Europe to communities here in America. In order to grow a brand in a shaky economy, one must distinguish themselves from competitors and that is what we are doing here at Oil & Vinegar.

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