Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oil & Vinegar was Featured in Gourmet Retailer: International Concept Targets U.S. Development

Yesterday, Oil & Vinegar was featured in Gourmet Retailer in an article entitled, “International Concept Takes Aim at U.S. Development.” The article delved into Oil & Vinegar’s growth plans in the U.S. and how we are looking to expand by connecting with the culinary industry and foodies across the nation. Below you will find a portion of the article and a link to the website to read the entire article.

International Concept Takes Aim at U.S. Development

Dec 21, 2009

Oil & Vinegar, an interactive upscale culinary specialty shop packed with international flair, flavor and passion, has positioned itself to captivate American taste buds, as the concept that has successfully maintained five locations on the East and West Coast as well as the Midwest, is now poised to bubble out in surrounding markets as well as other targeted cities where the brand is yet to be discovered.

"For the past 10 years, Oil & Vinegar has focused on becoming a global brand name synonymous with international premium taste and experience, with the majority of the store development occurring in Europe. Today, the brand is relatively unknown in the U.S. marketplace. Our vision is to make Oil & Vinegar a household name, providing food enthusiasts in our local markets the opportunity to experience our unique international concept," said Matt Stermer, CEO of the American arm, who is responsible for expanding the chain here in the United States.

Prior to opening Oil & Vinegar's U.S. headquarters in Seattle, Stermer held a top-level job with Nike. Upon experiencing the brand in Holland, where the Oregon native worked at Nike's international office, Stermer instantly knew this was a concept that would plant him back in the States and thrive. Stermer left Nike with a longing to fulfill his entrepreneurial drive and decided to bring the Mediterranean flair back home to the Pacific Northwest with him. (READ MORE)

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