Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chef Joey promoting Recipes using Oil & Vinegar products on Local TV

Click link to watch cooking demo

Click link to watch demo on FOX4 Dallas


  1. I LOVE Oil & Vinegar stores. My friend and I went into a new one at Chandler Mall in Chandler Az. We just happen to go in on the opening day. We had a blast in there, testing the different vinegar's, talking to other customers, we even got a man to try some of the vinegar's even after he went on as to how gross they are. LOL After he tasted some, he started tasting as much as he could and ended up buying some. I would LOVE to own one of your stores, along with my friend, we buy a lot of the vinegar and oils you sale. How do I go about finding the nutritional information on the different flavors. My first purchase there was white truffle oil and champagne vinegar, I went home with it and didnt know what to put it on, So, I sliced up a fresh peach and put it on that. OMG. I had two more before the night was out. lol. Ive bought the lavendar vinegar and had it on salad, along with the cherry almond and the elderberry, apple, and lime flavor. Thank You for bringing the company to America. :-)

    1. Hello LadyeSpice, thank you for sharing your experience in the Chandler store. If you are interested in a franchise opportunity, please fill out our inquiry form at